Training Workshop On Disaster Management Using Geographic Information System (G.I.S) for Disaster Management Officers


Mr Jaffar Akemokwe


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G.I.S is a tool that can help in tracking the areas (i.e Imagery, Aerial Photography) that are frequently attacked through terrorism with a view to providing lasting protection to the community. GIS allows emergency management needs to be identified prior to an incident. Disaster events, such as wildfires, tsunami, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, epidemics, chemical cloud dispersion, and oil spills, can be modeled and displayed in GIS. Individuals and organizations responsible for emergency management use many tools to save lives, reduce human suffering and preserve economic assets before, during and after a catastrophic event. Correct and timely information is a critical part of any successful emergency management program. A geographic information system (GIS) can provide that sort of information. This workshop will demystify GIS and provide details about proven emergency management applications. After five days, participants will be better able to identify the possible links between GIS and emergency management.

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